White paper: Can DFNs be wave soldered?

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The wave soldering evaluation for DFN (Dual or Discrete Flat No lead) had been executed to determine whether, beside reflow soldering, a wave soldering process could be used to solder DFN components. The first step was a feasibility study. This was followed by the determination and improvement of critical parameters for minimizing solder defects. DoE (Design of Experiment) was used to vary SMD (Surface Mount Device) adhesive bonding, positioning, pad layout and transport direction in a systematic way while soldering in two different inert atmosphere wave solder systems. Surprisingly good soldering results were found and quantified using AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and AXI (Automated X-ray Inspection). A solder gap of 20 µm was easily filled, showing only low voiding.

For more information read the whitepaper: https://assets.nexperia.com/documents/white-paper/Nexperia_document_whitepaper_DFN_Wave_Soldering_2020.pdf