H-Frame Double Point Punching Machine D2N

Featured Product from NingBo Goanwin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Sheet metal Forming/stamping/punching /Mechanical presses


Specifically designed for large progressive pressing dies with highly rigid frame and low deformation, can be blanking, punching, blending, forming with single mode,continuous mode, manipulator or add attachment transmission system operation.

2. Press Capacity: 110-600ton

3. Features:

•Four uprights frame, low deflection, suitable for progressive die.

•Without C-frame’s shortcoming of open throat, save mold maintenance cost.

•High rigidity ensures long-term stability and accuracy.
•High security, high affinity, multifunctional electrical control system.
•Can be used with various types of automation peripherals, easy to operate.
Constant Speed Motor + VFD
Compound Type Dry Clutch/Brake
Hydraulic Overload Protector
Motorized Die Height Adjustment
Motorized Grease Lubrication Pump
Slide and Upper Die Counterbalance
Digital Die Height Indicator
Electronic Cam Controller
Overrun Protection
Main Motor Forward/Reverse
Total Counter/Counter/Preset Counter/Maintenance Counte
Tool Kit