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Automotive Emergency Call Speaker Module

Featured Product from Ningbo Kepo Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Kepo offers full-frequency and signal speaker solutions for dashboards, signals, e-call, and hi-fi.

Our speakers are of wide frequency band and high sound pressure, which is suitable for low voltage circuit applications. Adopted shrapnel contact installation truly realizes plug and play. Also, the BOX structure will not lead to inconsistent sound effects with the customer’s assembly.


·Clear and high sound pressure level
·Convenient to assemble
·Compact dimension


· Impedance: 4Ω ± 20% (1Vrms at 600Hz at 20°C)
· Sound Pressure Level @500,800,1500,2000Hz AVG (at 20°C): 82±2 dB @ 1w/1m
· Resonance Frequency: 260Hz±20%
· Frequency Range: Fo ~10KHz
· Input Power: Rated 4W / Max.8W
· Distortion: <2.5% Max. at 1W(2V)
· Waterproof: IP52
· Effective Stroke: 1.3mm
· Maximum Stroke: 2.7mm
· Application: Glove Box, Dashboard