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Electric Vehicle Door Panel Lighting

Featured Product from Ningbo Kepo Electronics Co., Ltd.

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KEPO will flexibly use aluminum allays and various metal materials based an the vehicles style and appropriately match them with the lighting system. The product adapts a 100,000 ram delicate carving process, 0.3mm depth mirror carving, and anodizing/electrolytic coloring process ta strengthen the metal texture to meet the requirements of automobile interior light aging and odor.


·Structure and appearance design based on the vehicle style
·100000 turn fine carving process, 0.3mm deep mirror carving
·Anodizing or electrolytic coloring process
·Meet the light aging and odor requirements



· Uniformity: 60%~70%

· Brightness: 5~20cd

· Working Voltage: 9~16V (Battery Supply)

· Battery Voltage: DC12V

· Working Current: 60 mA

· Max Working Voltage: 150 mA

· Working Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C

· Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C

· Humidity: 5%~95%

· Application: Threshold, Logo, Dashboard, Nameplate