Vacuum Pressure Control in class

Product Announcement from Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - The Vacuum Experts

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. - Responding to emerging industry requirements, Nor-Cal now has a fully RoHS compliant and DeviceNet certified adaptive pressure controller. It is similar in function and appearance to the earlier line of IQ-controllers, but features a highly advanced pressure control algorithm for improved control during difficult conditions

Nor-Cal's new IQ+ controller is available on the complete line of regular and sealing Throttling Butterfly Valves as well as Throttling Pendulum Valves, turning what is very good performance into best-in-class process control. The IQ+ controller is an on-valve integral control & drive unit that is fully RoHS compliant with 100% lead-free circuit board content. User interfaces include an ODVA certified DeviceNet protocol and physical layer, as well as standard RS-232 communications. Gauge power capabilities have been upgraded to a full 1500 mA at +/- 15 VDC in order to power two heated CDG's directly from the IQ+ unit. In addition, a battery backup feature is available that can be used to bring the valve to a fail-closed or fail-open safe position in the event of system power loss. Last, the IQ+ adaptive pressure control algorithm has been significantly improved to better deal with difficult control situations, in particular at conditions that typically occur at low pressures and low flows.

For larger system pressure control requiring multiple pumps and forelines, such as on flat panel, industrial coating or photovoltaic tools, it is easily possible to gang up to ten valves together. Multi-valve Master/ Slave system control like this is facilitated via the Nor-Cal-Net intervalve communications system. One IQ+ operated valve serves as the master with communications to the host tool, gauge input and has direct command over the control position of the remaining slave valves. The IQ+ controlled butterfly valves are the right answer to any new or challenging pressure control application.