Norbar Handtorque TM Multiplier 72mm

Product Announcement from Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

Norbar Handtorque TM Multiplier 72mm-Image

Handtorque HT72 models have all the features of the standard series, but have a higher torque output for a given gearbox diameter.

Product's part number: 18018

Product's NATO number:

Product's Accuracy: +/- 4%

Operates between: 74 - 740 lb-ft
100 - 1000 Nm

    Technical Specification
  • Tool Weight: 2.7 Kg (5.9 pounds)
  • Multiplication Ratio: 25:1
  • Output Square: 3/4"
  • Input Square: 1/2"
  • Velocity Ratio: 29.752:1
  • Max Input Speed: 165 revs/min
  • Plate Weight: 0.66 Kg (1.4 pounds)
  • 72mm diameter allows excellent access.
  • Guaranteed accuracy of better than +/-4%.
  • Anti Wind-Up Ratchet available on 25:1 models for easier and safer operation.
  • A variety of reaction styles are available for maximum versatility.
  • Electronic torque transducers can be fitted for precise torque monitoring.
  • Available in a variety of ratios and output square drive sizes.
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