Ultrasonic Measurement of Bolt Pre-Load

Product Announcement from Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

Ultrasonic Measurement of Bolt Pre-Load-Image

Ultrasonic measurement of bolt pre-load is made possible by introducing a sonic pulse at one end of the fastener and accurately measuring the time of flight (TOF) required for the echo to return from the opposite end. Using material constants, the USM-3 converts this TOF into an "ultrasonic length" of the fastener, providing a baseline from which future measurements will be made. When the fastener is tightened, the TOF increases and the USM-3 will again utilise material constants to eliminate the effects of stress and temperature variations on sound velocity, providing an accurate elongation or load measurement.

The USM-3 uses state of the art hardware and software to achieve these measurements with maximum automation, and minimizes the need for operator interpretation. Offering digital recording and transmission of data, in addition to analog signal output the USM-3 provides a complete system for measurement, recording, and control of fastener tension in the most demanding applications.

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