Watson Portable Clinching Machine

Product Announcement from Norlok Technology, Inc.

The Watson from Norlok Technology offers all the benefits of clinching in a lightweight version that gives you the portability you need. This compact clinching machine is easy to handle, requires only shop air to operate and can fasten up to two ply 14 gauge material. It is available in both heavy (2-ply 10g max) and medium duty (2-ply 14g max) versions.


  • Light weight-for great portability
  • Two hand operaton-for greater operator safety
  • Simple tool adjustments-little or no setup time
  • Close tooling access- get in close for more applications
  • Air powered-hydraulic booster included
  • Proven design- for consistent clinches
  • Easy maintenance-for less down time
  • Competitively priced-low investment and fast payback
  • Fully customizable-designs to fit your needs


Download a brochure of the Watson.

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