Digital Radiography Scanning Services

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2D Services
Digital Radiography Scanning Services
ISG believes that the services we provide can be of great value to our clients and we strive to have available the latest in cutting-edge x-ray imaging technologies to maximize this value.

Get Started with 2D Services

Available 2D Digital Radiography Services Include:

  • Real-time product analysis helping you to identify the configuration, integrity and quality level of internal components.
  • We will assist in your failure analysis efforts by providing high-resolution x-ray imaging from every conceivable angle and view.
  • Live manipulation of your product while x-ray imaging to determine what is occurring under load and operation.
  • Product screening for detection of contamination and/or foreign material FOD.
  • And much more.



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2D X-ray Scanning

3D X-ray CT Scanning

With 30+ years of experience, we have accomplished many unique NDT inspection projects such as: CT reconstruction of a 150,000,000 year-old Crocodile skull, CAD comparisons on an aluminum die cast awarded the title Casting of the Year, and many more. No matter how routine or how unconventional your project may be - Let our Inspection Services Group (ISG) do the work for you.

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North Star Imaging 
North Star Imaging is one of the leading manufacturers of 2D Digital Radiography and 3D Computed Tomography systems in the World. Additionally, each worldwide location houses state of the art equipment for demonstration and need based X-ray/CT Inspection Services. No matter your location, NSI has local employees ready to help evaluate your needs, explain the technology and provide thorough training upon installation. Furthermore, each NSI location employs dedicated service personnel, so local help is never more than a phone call away