Learn about the capabilities of X-ray Inspection

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Learn about the capabilities of X-ray Inspection-Image

Episode 1 - Small Batteries
In our first episode of iNSIght, you will learn about the capabilities of X-ray Inspection Technology, what X-ray Inspection is used for, how long it takes to do a scan, and what you can do with the reconstructed data.

In this episode you will watch Nate and Dave uncover the cause of damage to a small battery using X-ray Inspection technology. 

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North Star Imaging 
North Star Imaging is one of the leading manufacturers of 2D Digital Radiography and 3D Computed Tomography systems in the World. Additionally, each worldwide location houses state of the art equipment for demonstration and need based X-ray/CT Inspection Services. No matter your location, NSI has local employees ready to help evaluate your needs, explain the technology and provide thorough training upon installation. Furthermore, each NSI location employs dedicated service personnel, so local help is never more than a phone call away