What is Digital Radiography?

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What is Digital Radiography?
Digital Radiography, or DR for short, is a 2D X-ray inspection method using a digital X-ray detector in place of X-ray film. DR allows for real-time X-ray inspection of your part or object - no more waiting for film to process! You can make scan adjustments on the fly and also apply digital image enhancements quickly and easily – saving you time.

Digital Radiography detectors are designed to be used time after time, helping to eliminate the cost of consumables – saving you money.

North Star Imaging’s Digital Radiography systems are designed to make your business and your team as efficient as possible. Programmed and repeatable inspection sequences, easy to use software and superior image quality lets you focus more monitoring your product quality while also increasing throughput.

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North Star Imaging 
North Star Imaging is one of the leading manufacturers of 2D Digital Radiography and 3D Computed Tomography systems in the World. Additionally, each worldwide location houses state of the art equipment for demonstration and need based X-ray/CT Inspection Services. No matter your location, NSI has local employees ready to help evaluate your needs, explain the technology and provide thorough training upon installation. Furthermore, each NSI location employs dedicated service personnel, so local help is never more than a phone call away