Service Detail from Northwire, Inc.

  • Growing inventory - Cable for industrial and commercial applications:
    • CAN-Bus Cable-DataCELL® J1939 (SAE J1939)
    • Profibus and ODVA™ DeviceNet™ cables
    • Control, sensor and instrument cable in non-shielded and shielded versions, including ITC/PLTC tray cable
    • FireWire IEEE 1394b, outdoor and plant floor grade
    • Analog video cable, super-rugged
    • UL-listed general-purpose power cordage, SEOW, SJEOW and SJTOW
    • 600V tray cable (UL-listed TC-ER) that is also UL-listed portable hard service STOW-make your power drops the way you want them
    • Industrial networking cable
    • Guardian™ Load Cell Cable for weighing scale applications
    • Continuous flexing cable for robotics (tested to withstand 30 million flexing and bending cycles)
    • CoilBoss™ retractile power cords-300V and 600V