Article: Finishing Stainless Steel

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An overview of common finishes and technological advancements

Michael Radaelli, Product Manager, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives

This article appears in the July/August 2019 edition of The WELDER. Reproduced with permission.

Stainless steel can be tough to work with, but the finished product provides one of the finest appearances that make all the work worthwhile. It is widely understood that a finer grit in a sanding sequence removes the previous scratch pattern and improves the finish, but there is a lot to be aware of regarding the overall steps required when using the many grit sequences to achieve the desired finish.

Stainless steel has several common finishes. It’s important to know what these common finishes are and why they are important. Recent innovations in abrasives technology can reduce process steps to deliver the desired finish, including that sought-after surface shine. Continue reading.