Streamline Operations Rapid Finish Convolute Wheel

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A wide variety of products, from automotive wheels to door handles, owe their shiny good looks to a non-woven abrasive wheel. Unlike other machining processes that remove relatively large pieces of stock material, such as those involving bonded or coated abrasives, non-woven products are used to eliminate smaller bits from a workpiece—whether to impart a desired finish, ensure a part's performance, or both. The conformable fiber matrix of non-woven products allows their abrasive particles to uniformly contact and polish the workpiece surface.

Non-woven products are used in deburring, blending, polishing, finishing, and light-to-heavy-duty cleaning of metal, glass, wood, and other materials. As such, they are employed widely across many manufacturing industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical products, and others.  Read entire article.