100/150 Series Mini Valves -10,000 psi Rating

Product Announcement from NOSHOK, Inc.

100/150 Series Mini Valves -10,000 psi Rating-Image

These valves are equipped with both a Viton® O-Ring seal and a Teflon® back-up o-ring below the stem threads to protect them from corrosion and galling. The stem threads are rolled for strength and ease of operation. Their patented design incorporates an improved internal body-to-bonnet, metal-to-metal seal. The body seal incorporates a novel dovetail feature that improves the metal-to-metal contact forces as pressures increase.

With a maximum hard seat pressure rating of 10,000 psi for the stainless steel and steel models and a 6,000 psi rating for the brass models, NOSHOK's 100 Series Hard Seat Mini Valves have much to offer for such a small valve. They feature a 316 stainless steel stem, and the stem tip on the stainless steel Mini Valve is hard chrome-plated to prevent galling.

NOSHOK's 150 Series Soft Tip Mini Valves feature a patented non-rotating soft tip stem. Unlike metal-to-metal seals, the soft tip-to-metal seal helps extend the service life of the valve by easily conforming to the metal sealing surfaces that may become damaged by corrosion, cavitation or chemical attack. This valve has a pressure rating of 6,000 psi for stainless steel and steel, and 3,000 psi for brass models.

With a variety of options to choose from, these Mini Valves will fit perfectly into any application. NOSHOK Mini Valves are 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and reliability, and conform to the MSS SP-1999 (R 2005) Instrument Valve Standards. Also, valves supplied with
packings conform to MSS SP-132-2004 Compression Packing Systems for Instrument Valves.

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