ConvertaWave2 RF Downconverter

Product Announcement from NuWaves Ltd.

ConvertaWave2 RF Downconverter-Image

The RF200-2500RV1 provides high dynamic range performance over the 200 MHz - 2500 MHz frequency range, in frequency steps of 1 Hz. The output of the receiver is a 70 MHz spectrum that has been band-limited to one of five user selectable bandwidths between 500 kHz and 10 MHz. The ConvertaWave2TM meets the demanding need for high performance RF receivers for applications involving signal exploitation, inclusive of SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT and RF down conversion for intercept receivers. The ConvertaWave2TM receiver integrates with a host controller or terminal program and utilizes a straight-forward command/control serial interface for ease of integration.