HILNA - High Intercept Low Noise Amplifiers

Product Announcement from NuWaves Ltd.

HILNA - High Intercept Low Noise Amplifiers-Image

HILNA amplifiers include seven standard packages as well as custom solutions for a variety of applications including general purpose amplification, rf repeaters, military radio and communications, GPS, cellular base stations, long cable amplification and many more.

Micro-HILNA - Ultra small packaging (1.00" x .75" x .50")

HILNA HF - 2 to 50 MHz w/ 30dB gain

HILNA V1 - 50 to 1000 MHz w/ 20dB gain

HILNA GPS - L1 and L2 GPS Amplifier (32dB gain)

HILNA G2V1 - 50 to 1000 MHz w/ 40db gain

HILNA 3G - 1 to 3 GHz w/ 50dB gain

HILNA CF - Configurable Performance for end user customization

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