RF Power Amplifier Design

Product Announcement from NuWaves Ltd.

RF Power Amplifier Design-Image

The ever-increasing demands for more bandwidth, coupled with requirements for both high linearity and high efficiency create ever-increasing challenges in the design of power amplifiers. Despite recent progress in the development of new simulation tools, RF Power amplifier design remains too much of an art for nearly everyone but the true specialist. Over 60 years of successful design experience by its top designed make NuWaves true experts in power amplifier design.

NuWaves is an RF Power house - a few of our capabilities include: communications modules, RF propagation analysis, high power T/R switch modules, synthesizers, receivers, transceivers, transmitters, modulators, IF chains, up-converters, down-converters, front ends, low noise amplifiers, research and development, spectral surveys, and high performance filters.

NuWaves RF Systems and Subsystems involves the design and development of custom solutions including:

  • High Efficiency PA Modules
  • Power Amplifiers for Wideband Jammers
  • Novel Proprietary Technologies for Linear-Highly-Efficient Power Amplifiers
  • Miniature Form Factors
  • Novel Architectures for Efficiency and Linearity
  • Military & Industrial Applications
  • Telemetry and Communications
  • Bi-Directional Amplifiers (TX: Power Amp with RX: LNA)
  • Power Amplifier Exciters
  • Wide Band Technologies
  • Quick Development of Custom Solutions
  • Simulation of Designs
  • First Article Units or Prototypes
  • Volume Production