RF Transceivers

Product Announcement from NuWaves Ltd.

RF Transceivers-Image

NuWaves' RF-V-47-TR VHF Data Transceiver is a high performance and cost effective transmitter/receiver designed for operation at 47 MHz. The transceiver operates on one of two channels providing half duplex communications. The message formatting, synchronization, and transceiver transmission/reception is performed by the transceiver; no special host software is required to operate the radio.

The transceiver includes high performance interference suppression front end filters providing resistance to out of band interferers. The RFV46TR incorporates state-of-the-art receiver technology to prevent overload caused by co-located transmitters.

Hardware is configured during the manufacturing process and store on an in-board EEPROM eliminating the need for user to reconfigure the transceiver.

The transceiver boasts a unique NuWaves proprietary architecture. The robust design provides the user with future growth capabilities. For example, the transceiver can be tailored to operate over frequency bands inclusive of the UHF band with little Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) costs.