ET?™ LED Characterization System

Product Announcement from ORB Optronix

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  • Complete Electrical-Thermal-Optical Data
  • Automated Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Highly Accurate LED Spectral Measurements
  • TEC Temperature Control and Monitoring
  • DC and PWM Power Supply Control
  • Vf and If 4-Wire Measurement

Orb Optronix released the first electro-thermal-optical characterization system in the world to allow fully automated spectral characterization of light emitting diodes (LEDs). The new ETΦ systems (also known as ETO) from Orb Optronix measure the spectral light output of light emitting diodes while precisely controlling electrical and thermal parameters.

In order to design systems that utilize high power LEDs, the light output characteristics (color and flux) must be known as a function of temperature and electrical input characteristics. ETO makes this fast in easy. Just load a high power LED or LED array, input test parameters ranges, hit start, and in less than an hour, you have all the data necessary to make fundamental design decisions regarding LED selection, thermal management, luminous efficacy, and more.

ETO LED Characterization System Configurations:
for discrete LED characterization to high-powered LED arrays

6" Pedestal System for discrete LED Characterization

Air Cooled 100cm2 platform for high-powered LEDs and LED array characterization

Liquid Cooled 100cm2 platform for high-powered LEDs and LED array characterization

ETO LED Characterization System Configurations

Thermal Platform Operating Range

Supported Source Meters

SpectralSuite™ Software Capabilities:

Complete test sequencing for automated control of current, temperature and spectral measurements. Complete data analysis capabilities for automatic graph generation.

Screen Shots


Design & Development of Products Using LEDs

  • LED Selection
  • LED Qualification
  • LED Characterization
  • LED Benchmark Analysis
  • LED Thermal Engineering
  • LED Optical Engineering
  • LED Electrical Engineering

Highly Accurate LED Measurements


  • Incoming Inspection

LED Manufacturers and Distributors

  • LED Research and Development
  • LED Design
  • Specification Sheet Data
  • Application Engineering Data
  • Customer Support


Array Resolution 1024 pixel (SP-50-VIS and SP-50-UV)

2048 pixel (SP-50-NIR)

Spectral Range 380 to 780nm (SP-50-VIS)

250 to 500nm (SP-50-UV)

360 to 1000nm (SP-50-NIR)

Optical Bandwidth 4.1 nm (SP-50-VIS and SP-50-UV)

1.5 nm (SP-50-NIR)

Wavelength Binning Resolution 1 nm

Dynamic Range Resolution 14 bit

Optical Input SMA Fiber Connector

Typical Flux Measurement Range 1 Lm to 100000 Lm

Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.5 nm

Wavelength Repeatability ± 0.2 nm

Stray Light < 10-3

Chromaticity Accuracy (x,y) ± 0.002

Chromaticity Repeatability (x,y) ± 0.0005

CCT Reproducibility ± 20°K (Illuminant A)

Integration Time Range 5 to 5,000 ms

ETO-06-01 Pedestal Dimensions HxWxL 42.54cm x 32.38cm x 37.15cm

Instrument Case Dimensions HxWxL 19.00cm x 53.34cm x 54.61cm

ETO-06-01 Pedestal Weight ~9.9 kg

Instrument Case Weight ~15.4 kg

Operating Environment 10°C to 40°C and < 85% relative humidity

Interface USB 2.0

Power Supply Choice of Keithley™ 2400 Series Models

Voltage Monitor 4-Wire

Thermal Control Range 0°C to 100°C, 2W to 50W

Additional options available (contact sales)

Thermal Control Repeatability +/- 0.5°C

Thermal Set-Point Resolution 0.1°C

Interface USB 2.0 Connectivity

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