Order Tracking Plug-In Analyzer

Product Announcement from OROS


Order analysis and tracking make the most sense when the rotor speed is varying. Getting correct results from run-up/down requires specific signal processing techniques. The SOA plug-in takes benefit of the DSP powered OROS 3-Series analyzers to provide the best order analysis. Signal is resampled in function of the precise tachometer and then angular domain blocks are converted to the order domain. Using order spectra as input data, the plug-in extracts complex orders (phase and amplitude) from fast run-up/down. The setup of SOA does not require an experienced user; you will get the right results immediately.

  • Up to 40 kHz bandwidth real-time analysis
  • Time domain filters (A, C, Integrators)
  • Adjustable keyphasor phase (edge/order 1)
  • Order or angular domain averaging
  • 1/32nd order resolution


Gearboxes generate modulated and buried noise and vibrations orders, which are not easy to extract. The CBT helps engineers getting those orders with the appropriate spectral extraction. It is offered as an option of the FFT plug in.