Sound Power

Product Announcement from OROS

The Sound Power Solution is complementary of the Sound Intensity Solution that is based on the measurement of the sound intensity as recommended by ISO 9614. Using the OROS Solution, based on a task dedicated interface that guides the user step by step, Sound Power is measured in an easy and efficient way.

Once the initial set-up of the microphone test bench has been organized, the measurement can be repeated day after day with no special expertise required. The Sound Power Solution is then well adapted for products noise test qualification and trials in R&D. Furthermore, the Sound Power Solution follows the recommendations of the international standards ISO 374x and in particular of ISO 3744. It is then the perfect tool for regulations noise tests as for example specified by the European directive 2000/14/EC. Sound Power Test reports can be customized and are automatically generated using Microsoft Excel.

Based on OROS Analyzers, Sound Power can be measured acquiring all microphone positions at once allowing a one shot run of the source. In the most demanding configurations, especially when some specific directivity measurements should be carried out, up to 32 microphone channels can be handled in real time with a type 1 precision. These possibilities let the solution user be flexible, secure and efficient for any type of test bench configurations.

Main features are:

  • Fulfills main international standards
  • User friendly Set Up browser Measurement panel for easy and repeated operation
  • All microphone positions measured at once
  • Overall and Spectra real-time display Type-1 precision results in dBA
  • Direct Sound Power determination
  • Automatic standard validity check
  • Background and environmental corrections
  • Repeatability and directivity checks
  • Test report with Microsoft Excel Easy and flexible report customization
  • Advanced analysis tools for R&D studies