Nd-YAG Optimized Photodiodes

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The YAG Series of photo detectors are optimized for high response at 1060 nm, the YAG laser light wavelength, and low capacitance, for high speed operation and low noise. These detectors can be used for sensing low light intensities, such as the light reflected from objects illuminated by a YAG laser beam for ranging applications. The SPOT Series of quadrant detectors are well suited for aiming and pointing applications.

These are all N on P devices. These detectors can be used in the Photvoltaic mode, for low speed applications requiring low noise, or in the photoconductive mode, with an applied reverse bias, for high speed applications.


Product Applications
  • Nd: YAG Pointing
  • Laser Pointing & Positioning
  • Position Measurement
  • Surface Profiling
  • Guidance Systems
Product Features
  • Nd: YAG Sensitivity
  • High Breakdown Voltage
  • Large Active Area
  • High Speed
  • High Accuracy

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