Daylight & Infrared-Corona Cameras

Featured Product from OX Creek Energy Associates, Inc.

The CoroCAM corona camera family is now built by Uvirco Technologies and across North America sold and serviced by Ox Creek Energy since 2001, Reliability and Service.

The family of ultraviolet viewers and daylight corona cameras enable users to locate ultraviolet emissions and image the background in color concurrently in the visible. Solar-blind cameras are typically bi-spectral meaning they have two cameras (one visible and one ultraviolet looking at the same field-of-view). Using a camera that can image the solar-blind wavelengths enables the cameras to see ultraviolet emissions (corona, arcing, flames invisible during daylight) during bright sunlight. and overlay them precisely on the visible color background. Call toll-free 1-800-531-6232 to discuss your application.

The CoroCAM 504 is the world's most capable bi-spectral camera with exclusive day-light and low-light corona imaging in one camera. This low-light capability also makes the CoroCAM 504 the most sensitive and most versatile corona camera available, with external SD card image and video storage, an eyepiece viewer to help in brightest sunlight, and "intuitive camera operation" is a common comment.

The CoroCAM 6D was introduced in 2012 to fill a need for high resolution, high sensitivity imaging in substations, from a helicopter, usually distances of less then 200 feet. The CoroCAM 6D has a LCD display, 640x480 UV resolution, on-board SD card for image and video storage, intuitive camera operation.

The CoroCAM 8 is a tri-spectral ( long-wave Infrared+color visible+solar-blind ultraviolet ) hand-held camera which shows the heated and arcing damaged areas with the corona. With the push of one button the UV can be overlaid onto a visible or infrared image. Then store each image with GPS coordinates for location and an audio clip to describe the problem in CoroBASE software.

Call toll-free 1-800-531-6232 to discuss your application and to arrange a demo.