Get Better Inspection Results with UVollé Camera

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UVollé family incorporates the DayCor® technology and features thereby very high sensitivity to corona signals and perfect signal positioning. UVollé has a large Sun Readable WVGA LCD, perfect for inspection in sunny conditions, and a powerful LED flashlight, to support poor lit inspected objects. UVollé is fit for remote testing of high & medium voltage apparatuses. UVollé enables seeing pinpointed image of corona partial discharge and the emitting source. The visual information can be augmented with further data about the ambient conditions and GPS, recorded and stored for analysis and documentation. UVollé reveals and displays, in real time on-the fly, existing voltage related faults. 

Practical, Powerful, Precise, Affordable

UVollé- is used for predictive maintenance by electrical utilities in HV and MV installations, OHT lines, distribution, substations, Mines, Industrial plants, data centers, hospitals etc. that must maintain the ongoing operation of their assets with very little tolerance to unscheduled shutdowns.

UVollé cameras are manufactured under adherence to rigorous quality control standards.


  • High sensitivity to UV signals – certified

  • Outstanding corona & arcing detecting capabilities

  • Precise location of corona emitting sources

  • Effective powerful optical zoom

  • High resolution sun readable WVGA LCD

  • On-board storage via Compact-Flash Card

  • MPEG Video (VX model)/Audio on-board recording and storage

  • JPG on-board capturing function

  • Playback on-board for images and videos (VX model)

  • Powerful onboard LED for indoors and outdoors inspection

  • Manual and Automatic focus for both UV and Visible channels

  • Integration mode for larger signals and reduced background noise

  • Corona counting for evaluating the condition and for comparison

  • GPS, Temperature & Humidity meter interface

  • Voice narration

  • Backlit keypad for easier control in dark compartments

  • Light and ergonomic design

  • Hotkeys to functions

  • UV only, Visible only and Combined UV + Visible modes


  • Accurately pinpoints sources of corona, partial discharge, micro arcing and arcing that may lead to: audio noise, radio/TV interference and electrical mechanical failures

  • Saves inspection duration by providing immediate imaging results

  • Built for continuous work without overheating

  • Extended battery run time operation


    Available accessories:

  • Wide field of view lenses

  • Macro lenses

  • Remote control

  • Temp & humidity sensors

  • GPS

  • EPRI Inspection guide

  • Corona Inspection Classes