How to Control Corona

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The success of any maintenance management model is based upon highly skilled manpower. Skilled teams must be knowledgeable, should preserve their technical expertise and get exposed to new technologies. CITI engages specialists whose knowledge and expertise are valuable. Companies should put a strong emphasis on the training of their specialized working teams and send them periodically to seminars with professional educational programs


PhD PE professional instructors

Who should attend: 

  • OHL inspectors
  • PdM managers
  • UAS/Aerial inspection operators
  • Service contractors
  • Maintenance engineers
  • DayCor or other corona camera users


  • CITI is the only establishment that deals thoroughly with corona and qualifies with a diploma corona inspection specialist called UViGrapher
  • Knowledge and practice are the base for proficiency.
  • Skilled workforce is valuable
  • Professionals contribute to success
  • Make the most of your corona camera
  • Become a certified UViGrapher


  • Full Program w/Diploma – 3 days
  • Optional Inhouse Training Programs – 2 and 1 day


  • Atlanta GA, USA
  • Hosted classes, worldwide, need coordination


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Fax registration form: +1.888.95557