Compact Fiber Optic IMU Gyro Stabilized Gimbal

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DayCor® ROMlite is a state of the art compact stabilized gimbaled aerial inspection system. ROMlite hosts up to 4 optical sensors such as IR, UV, TV and LRF, collecting concurrently data by complementary technologies. This multi tasking system offers flexible combinations of selected high definition (HD) sensors, per mission and need. ROMlite utilizes a single cable of rugged fiber, connecting the turret to the airplane, ensuring vast bandwidth for faster and noise free bidirectional data exchange. Moreover, the media that streams from sensors is sharp, clear, and uncompressed. The combination of fiber optic gyros together with a high precision IMU ensures superior stabilization performance. Installation is easy and takes minutes. The dust-sealed self-closing connector provides IP65 standard while the glasses are anti-reflection treated for the collection of flawless media. ROMlite compact system can be fitted onto smaller helicopters , as well as small, fixed wing aircraft in multiple mounting configurations and is FAA or EASA approved.

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