Custom Current Sensors for Oil Rig Applications

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Tailored Current Sensors for Oil Rigs 

Drill head torque measurement is crucial for safe and effective rig operation. OSI offers a range of transducers for torque monitoring; note the CT-1147SB for nonhazardous locations. For hazardous location sensors, see ISC Ex Intrinsically Safe Sensors.

Commonly used on many types of oil rigs, the specifications of a CT-1147SB include a 0-1000Adc input, dc to 1kHz frequency response, 2.9Vdc output, and a <1ms response. Accuracy of the unit is ±2% with a temperature operating range of -10 to 60° C. This sensor provides information directly related to the capabilities for torque.

Regarding a recent request for the CT-1147SB, the standard window size did not match the customer’s application needs, which is not a problem, even for small quantities. The thru-hole window standard size for this unit is 2”. OSI has modified the CT-1147SB sensor per request to work as is but with a larger window size. The larger window size is denoted by a Y indicator and can be purchased using the following part number: CT-1147SBY**

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