Watt/ Watt-Hour/ VAR/ VAR-Hour Transducer

Featured Product from Ohio Semitronics, Inc.

Watt/ Watt-Hour/ VAR/ VAR-Hour Transducer-Image
  • Accurately measure power and energy
  • 40th harmonic measurement per DOE requirements
      • Supports compliance with DOE Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedures for Compressors; Final rule
  • 50-60Hz, 50-60Hz up to the 40th harmonic, and 10-500Hz frequency ranges
  • Direct measurement of 1, 5, & 10amps. CT inputs up to 1000amps (calibrated as a system)
  • Industry standard analog outputs
  • Digital pulse outputs
  • DIN-Rail mounting

The WTx / WVx transducer can be used in a variety of applications such as VSD/VFD controlled motors, energy efficiency certifications, wind power generation, and process control applications including SCR controllers.

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