Chain Lubricators with Brushes

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Chain Lubricators with Brushes

Electro Chain Lubricators
Electro Chain Lubricators (with brushes) are especially suitable for intermittent operations. Lubrication occurs when the solenoid is activated and the chain moves through the brush. Electro Chain Oilers are available with several different brush options, reservoir materials, capacities, and voltages/frequencies. Narrow the options by selecting the style of brush.

Manual Chain Lubricators
Manual Chain Lubricators (with brushes) are ideal for continuous operation. Liquid is dispensed through the brush onto the chain. Flow from the reservoir can be turned on or off with a toggle switch. Manual Chain Oilers are available with several different brush options, reservoir materials and capacities. Narrow the options by selecting the style of brush.

Brush Selection
The purpose of chain lubrication is to provide oil at all load carrying points where motion occurs. This reduces friction, minimizes wear, stretch, and corrosion, and can even reduce power consumption. As an additional benefit, brushes also act as a cleaning mechanism by sweeping away dirt accumulation and old lubricants.

A critical step in achieving effective chain lubrication is selecting the proper brush. One of the first considerations in choosing a brush is to determine the bristle material: nylon or stainless steel. Nylon bristles are suitable for low to high speed applications up to 400 RPM (small sprocket measurement), and temperatures under 250°. Applications in high temperature conditions require stainless steel bristles. Stainless steel wire wheel (roto) brushes are a particularly effective method of lubricating in high temperatures, the roto brush is rotated by the chain and transfers oil from a pan or reservoir to the underside of the chains.

Select a brush size that is wide enough to almost cover the chain width. Roto brushes are available in a standard width of 1", round brushes are available in sizes ranging from ¼" to 1 ½" in diameter, and flat brushes are available in sizes ranging from 2 ¼" in length to 11 ¼".

Whenever possible, position the brush on the inside surface of the chain, so oil will penetrate chain links via centrifugal force. Damage to the brush can be prevented by positioning the brush at a location on the chain where there is minimum sway. Occasionally rotating the brushes and adjusting them for wear will ensure continued performance. Most brushes are adjustable to accommodate up to ½” of wear and all can be easily and cost-effectively replaced.

Lubricator Style
Chain Lubricators with Brushes are available in electric or manually operated designs.  Electro Chain Lubricators are especially suitable for intermittent operations.  Lubrication occurs when the solenoid is activated.  Manual Chain Lubricators are ideal for more continuous operation.  Flow from the reservoir can be turned on or off with a toggle switch. 

Lubricators are available with acrylic or glass reservoirs, in sizes ranging from 2 ½ ounces to 1 gallon.  The variety of design configurations is well suited to a range of industrial applications.

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