Constant Level Oilers

Product Announcement from Oil-Rite Corp.

Oil-Rite Corporation of Manitowoc, Wisconsin manufactures mess-free Constant Level Oilers that can be easily refilled using a top filler cap. An automatic shutoff mechanism holds the liquid supply in the reservoir when the filler cap is removed. The lubricators resume normal functioning after the cap is screwed down again. This feature simplifies the replenishing of liquid, prevents loss of liquid, reduces clean-up expenses and saves time.

Oil-Rite Constant Level Lubricators maintain a fixed liquid level in bearing and pump housings, gearboxes, moistening pads, turbine housings, anti-friction bearings, ventilating fans and blowers and various other applications. Operation is based on the liquid seal principle. When liquid consumption causes the liquid in the bearing to recede, the liquid seal on the inside of the lubricator is temporarily broken. This allows air from the air to enter the reservoir, releasing liquid until the proper level is established and the liquid seal is restored.

The air intake is large, consisting of a 1/8" female pipe thread. This will allow an air filter to be readily inserted. For optimum performance, pipe the air intake on the lubricator back to the bearing to ensure static balance of air pressure and prevent dust from getting into the liquid.

The lubricators are engineered to be durable, rugged and versatile. Transparent reservoirs permit visual check of liquid level and condition at all times. Break resistant acrylic reservoirs are recommended for temperatures below 160°F. Pyrex (glass) reservoirs are available for temperatures above 160°F. The oilers are available in a variety of sizes. To resist corrosion, the end caps and the body are made of aluminum. Buna-N seals are standard.

Each lubricator is equipped with a side and bottom outlet to facilitate ease of mounting. A pipe plug is supplied for the unused port. A liquid level line is scribed on the base of the unit. The unit should be mounted at the lowest level at which the bearing operates perfectly.

In certain cases, such as in gear housings, a considerable amount of liquid is carried to the upper portion of the housing when operating. Upon shutdown, this liquid surges back to the reservoir and raises the liquid level. Oil-Rite lubricators are equipped with sufficient excess capacity to prevent liquid from overflowing through the air intake for most applications.

Oil-Rite Constant Level Oilers are available with a large sight above the mounting shank to view liquid transfer. A model with an adjustable oil level features a factory set liquid level (marked on the outside of the lubricator) that can be raised or lowered 1/4" up or down for a total adjustment range of 1/2". A tool and instructions are provided to adjust the liquid level. A Constant Level Oiler with a low level safety switch can be used to actuate warning devices or shut off a machine when lubricant levels become too low.

Oil-Rite's Constant Level Lubricators provide vital protection against liquid loss, safeguard against down time, and extend the life of expensive industrial machinery.

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