Liquid Level Gage Fends Off Contaminants

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Liquid Level Gage Fends Off Contaminants
Liquid level gages are attached to reservoirs and display the amount of fluid that the reservoir contains. The gage needs to be vented to function properly and many times this venting is done to the atmosphere. This creates the potential for outside contaminants to reach the fluid. A specially designed "gravity guard" vent minimizes this risk in dirty, dusty, or wet environments.

A brass liquid level gage attaches to the side of a reservoir using a single connection point. Fluid from the reservoir fills the glass tube of the gage to the same height. In order for the levels in the reservoir and gage to work in unison, they must be subject to the same atmospheric forces. This is achieved by venting the gage to the surrounding air.

A path that allows air in may also allow contaminants in. The size of the vent opening can be minimized in an effort to prevent dirt and moisture from entering. Smaller openings also pose a risk for being covered or plugged by those same contaminants. The “gravity guard” vent minimizes this risk without the use of a filter or the need for frequent inspections and maintenance.

The “gravity guard” vent capitalizes on the ability of air to flow in any direction and the tendency for contaminants to settle downward. The vent consists of a two-tiered circular shape with an opening in the center of the top tier. A cap follows the contours of the tiered shape but leaves a very small gap between the two. There is also a small gap at the rim of the cap. Air enters through this gap at the rim and travels upward to the first tier. It travels horizontally to the next tier where upward movement is again necessary to reach the final horizontal surface and the center hole.

While air can pass easily through these openings and along these gaps, dirt and moisture battle gravity in traversing the same path. There is minimal opportunity for particles to reach the final opening or to accumulate in areas that would interfere with air flow.

This product was first utilized in a power plant that uses coal as a fuel source. The gage is unaffected by fine coal dust suspended in the air and periodic wash downs. The “gravity guard” vent is suitable to recycling operations, rock crushing, mining, food processing, and other environments where dirt is prevalent or wash down is required.

Vented Brass Gages
Vented Brass Gages are available in short elbow, long elbow, union coupling, female inlet, and straight configurations, as well as with thermometer. The leak proof construction, large vent hole and unrestricted passages permit fast and accurate liquid level response. These accurate and economical Liquid Level Gages can be used on oil bearings, gear boxes, crank cases, transformers, switches or any application requiring visual indication of liquid level.

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