Liquid Level Switches

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Oil-Rite Corporation has designed and manufactured lubrication equipment in it's U.S. plant since 1933. 

Single Stage Liquid Level Switches are designed to shut down machinery or turn on warning devices when the liquid supply fails or recedes to a predetermined level.  They can be wired to flash a warning light, sound a howler, shut down a machine, or signal a computer.  This is especially helpful in unattended automated plants.  The units can be used with large bearings, gear cases, transformers, circuit breakers, oil tanks, and cutting oil reservoirs on screw machines, along with many other applications.  

Oil-Rite stainless steel Liquid Level Switches are housed in a clear acrylic reservoir.  The housing is constructed of aluminum and steel components.  The unit is mounted on the outside of the reservoir.  Fluid flows freely into the housing and displays the level in the adjoining reservoir.  The stainless steel switch inside the housing should be aligned at the height where low liquid level is a concern.  When the liquid in the reservoir recedes to the low level, a magnet carried inside of the stainless steel float actuates a reed switch within the central pipe. The normally open design means the contacts close with the descending liquid level, the normally closed design has contacts that open with the descending liquid level.

Liquid level switches are also available without the housing.

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Oil-Rite Corporation has been designing and manufacturing lubrication equipment in its U.S. plant since 1933.  For more information, contact Technical Sales at 920-682-6173, or visit to view photos and detailed information on over 14,000 items.

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