PurgeX “Ready to Go” Lubrication Systems

Featured Product from Oil-Rite Corp.

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PurgeX “Ready to Go” Lubrication Systems are reliable, economical, and easy to install.  These systems feature anywhere from 1 to 18 patented PurgeX pumps with a 3-way air solenoid, easy-to-fill polycarbonate reservoir, and programmable cycle timer. 

The lubrication system is housed in a compact hinged-door Nema 12 enclosure, with an externally mounted reservoir allowing visual observation of the liquid level.  The system requires only compressed air, electricity, and lubricant to begin operation. 

PurgeX pumps provide precise liquid delivery, reducing excess environmental contaminants as well as costs and hazards associated with wasted fluid.

Oil-Rite has been designing and manufacturing lubrication equipment in its U.S. plant  since 1933.  

Visit Oil-Rite's online product catalog for detailed information on PurgeX systems.

Oil-Rite Corporation has been designing and manufacturing lubrication equipment in its U.S. plant since 1933.  For more information, contact Technical Sales at 920-682-6173, or visit www.oilrite.com to view photos and detailed information on over 14,000 items.

Oil Rite serves the following industries:

  • Industrial and Commercial Machinery - Conveyors, Assembly Equipment, Ovens, Etc.
  • Energy - Electric, Gas, and Nuclear Facilities and Transport Stations
  • Food and Beverage Preparation and Packaging
  • Off-Road Equipment - Construction, Agriculture, and Forestry
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Material Handling, Automation, and Robotics
  • Mining, Steel Mills, Material Processing, and Recycling Operations