This protective guard is a game changer!

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Don't let its 316 stainless steel good looks fool you! This wire guard is made to stand up to blow after blow so the viewing area remains intact. It fits our most popular 9 oz. size constant level lubricator or oil reservoir. While virtually unmovable when in position, it is installed and removed without the need for tools. Compare it to anything else out there - this protective guard is a game changer!

Wire Guard Protects Oiler
Oil-Rite Corporation now offers an extra level of protection for its 9 oz. constant level lubricators located in exposed areas.  A stainless steel wire guard diverts potential blows away from the glass or acrylic reservoir.  The American Petroleum Institute standard requires the use of such a protective guard for its centrifugal pumps.

To be effective, the guard needs to be securely attached to the oiler.  This has led to designs currently in the market that are cumbersome to install and remove.  The Oil-Rite wire guard installs by hand with no tools required.  Tilt the guard to guide it over the reservoir and press down as the prongs grab the aluminum plates.  A unique “opposing forces” design holds the guard firmly in position.  Only vertical pressure applied equally to the guard can release it from the oiler.  It can be done by grabbing the wire from opposite sides while pressing down on the oiler with both thumbs.

The glass or acrylic portion of the reservoir can accumulate dust, dirt, and oil, making it difficult to see the oil level.  The wire guard has the advantage of being able to be easily removed for cleaning of the viewing surface.

Despite the ease of installation and removal, the guard resists moving when struck from any angle.  Even the most severe blow will tend to dent the heavy gauge wire rather than shift the guard out of position.

The Oil-Rite protective guard for 9 oz. constant level oilers has the following features:

  • Install by hand – no tools or fasteners required
  • Stainless steel wire construction resists corrosion
  • Easy to see through the guard and inspect the oil
  • It can be removed for cleaning of the glass
  • Symmetrical design makes removal and reinstallation uncomplicated and intuitive
  • It can be installed at the factory or applied to oilers already in the field
  • Provides excellent protection of the viewing area from hard impacts
  • It won’t loosen or rattle from vibration
  • It does not interfere with refilling of the reservoir
  • It adds only about an inch to the overall diameter
  • It requires no modification to the oiler
  • The only instructions are “tilt and press” for installation

Like the protective guard, the Oil-Rite constant level oiler is designed for reliability and ease of use.  The oiler is filled through a top cap, which automatically suspends operation of the oiler so as to not flood the bearing.  There is nothing additional to loosen or adjust, and there is no concern for spillage while trying to access the reservoir.

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