Window Sights in Stainless Steel

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Window Sights allow visual observation of liquid levels and their condition.  They can be used to display fluid motion or mechanical movements, or to view and perform tests in a safe enclosure. Specific uses include fluid sighting on hydraulic tanks, pressure vessels, reservoirs, packaged power equipment, hydraulic lines, and dipping. Their use can be applied to any application where oil or fluid inspection is essential. Two or more sights can be mounted so as to indicate high, low, or in-between levels.

Window sights are available with straight or tapered threads.  Tapered (NPT) window sights may be mounted into any corresponding pipe thread. Straight threaded window sights can be screwed into tapped holes or used with mounting nuts for drilled holes. 

Durable 303 stainless steel construction is corrosion resistant.  It maintains a clean appearance and minimizes unintending bonding to mounting surfaces.  An optional stainless steel reflector enhances liquid level visibility.

Window sights are also available in plated steel and in plated steel with fused glass viewing port.  Click here to view Oil-Rite's selection of window sights in the online catalog.

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