Micro and Nano-miniature connector wiring systems

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On any given day approximately 2,300 man-made satellites are orbiting the earth's surface. These satellites are responsible for relaying both analog and digital signals
carrying a plethora of voice, video and data-streaming to and from various locations worldwide. Each second, these satellites directly impact everyday luxuries we
enjoy, such as cellphones and email, to more mission critical scientific and military communications across the globe.

Space is said to be one of the harshest and most severe environments imaginable, but, just getting there is half the problem. During the launch phase itself, each individual
component, whether it is on the aircraft itself or the physical payload is subjected to an intense array of shock and vibrational elements that can damage the electronics
including the interconnect system. With this in mind, designers must find manufacturers capable of designing and manufacturing these components to not just meet these requirements, but to exceed them as they relate to shock, vibration and the extreme temperature cycles experienced by satellites both during launch and deployment.
Once in position, these satellites range in size from microsatellites, weighing less than 1kg, to larger satellites weighing over 6,500 kg. and although the gap in size is quite large, many design characteristics in relation to the components used are quite similar.

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