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Using a unique approach to R&D for new process and product development, they work with both external and internal customers. Often, new products or design modifications need a few tweaks to insure devices are fully manufactural and can be reproduced at the highest reliability for the customer.


Our group is comprised of a team of multi-talented individuals who have a natural curiosity to continue learning and will look outside our own walls to learn and use discoveries in other industries and disciplines to help solve customers’ challenges and improve our processes. In their pursuit of knowledge and products, they expand our ability to help modify and improve products for some of the most demanding challenges ahead.


Customer-driven designs are often challenging and fun for our design and development driven process. The team works in tandem with our customers to understand the end-to-end product requirements and what the product vision is. They ask and analyze what problems and potential problems may occur in assembly as well as long term use of our product. With technical experience, manufacturing experience, and an understanding of new materials, the team tries to minimize costs of production and assembly manufacturing of the product. This group has a complete machine and fabrication shop to develop new forms, a family of polymer forming and over molding processes from high pressure over-molding, fast low pressure molding, and 3-D materials printing. They also offer years of direct experience from cable design, cable processing and development.


Recent projects using our flex circuit experience has saved a customer money, size and time. SMT methods are helping solve new design needs for sensor and detector designs. When new designs or adjustments to current products are needed, our Special Projects Group will work with our Engineering Design Team to plan a format and fabrication process to the exact fit, form and functions needed to meet the customers’ requirements.


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