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Industrial, High-Power Fuse Series from Opti-Fuse

Featured Product from Omni Pro Electronics, Inc.

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Omni Pro Electronics has announced its addition of two Circuit Protection Fuses from Opti-Fuse. The Opti-Fuse Series of UL Class M and Class CC Midget Fuses are designed for Industrial and High-Power Applications.

Opti-Fuse’s UL Class M (UL 248–4) fuses are intended for overcurrent protection in equipment that requires no branch circuit protection or that has branch circuit protection already installed upstream in the circuit. If the equipment requires branch circuit protection, a Class M fuse can be combined with a branch-rated circuit protector upstream.

The UL Class CC (UL 248–14) is a standalone circuit protector that requires no supplementary protection. They are physically differentiated from the Class M fuse by the rejection feature that prevents the installation of fuses that cannot provide a comparable level of protection into a Class CC fuse block.

The Opti-Fuse FPK Series is a fast-acting industrial UL Class M Midget Fuse rated at 600VAC / 600VDC with a 100K amp AC interrupting capacity and 10K amp DC interrupting capacity and current ratings range from 1A to 30A. The Opti-Fuse FPT-R Series is also a fast-acting industrial fuse but is UL Class CC rated at 600VAC / 300VDC with a 200K amp AC interrupting capacity and 20K amp DC interrupting capacity.

The industrial TPK time-delay UL Class M Midget fuse is rated voltage is 500VAC with a 10K amp interrupting rating, while current ratings range from 500mA to 30A. The TPK-R is a Class CC time-delay fuse with a rating of 600VAC / 300VDC with a 200K amp AC interrupting capacity and 10K amp DC interrupting capacity. Its current ratings range from 1A to 30A. Because the TPK and TPK-RT are time delayed, they are ideal for use in motor and transformer applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • 10 mm x 38 mm size (13/32? x 1-1/2?)
  • UL listed to standards 248-4 and 248-14
  • Voltage rating up to 600 VAC/600 VDC
  • Fast-acting and time-delay options
  • Rejection capability

Target Applications:

  • Lighting
  • General loads
  • Control circuit transformers
  • Solenoids
  • Inductive loads
  • Street and HID lighting
  • Computers
  • Circuits with high in rush currents
  • Small motors
  • Solid-state components

Opti-Fuse offers through-hole and locking pin options to enhance the board mounting strength. The interlocking designs serve as a lead forming fixture, uniformly aligning and elevating the LEDs in any color combination, style and function imaginable. Opti-Fuse offers over 200 light pipe designs/sizes for various mounting solutions, and creates custom, RoHS compliant parts as well. As a franchised distributor, Omni Pro Electronics supplies the entire line of Opti-Fuse Light Pipes, LED Holders and Lenses.