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EE-SX1330-2 Photomicrosensor (Transmissive)

Featured Product from Omron Electronic Components – Americas

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The EE-SX1330-2 is an ultra-compact transmissive photomicrosensor offered by OMRON. This slot-type sensor features a narrow slot width of 3mm, making it suitable for applications with limited space. With its high-speed response and 50% faster rise time compared to conventional products, the EE-SX1330-2 contributes to enhanced performance and energy efficiency in a wide range of applications. This sensor is designed to provide reliable and accurate detection of objects passing through the slot. It is commonly used in industrial automation, robotics, packaging, and other applications where precise object detection is crucial. The EE-SX1330-2 is available for purchase online and is RoHS certified, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. With its compact size, high-speed response, and reliable performance, this photomicrosensor is an excellent choice for various industrial applications.