Non-amplified Photomicrosensors

Product Announcement from Omron Electronic Components – Americas

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Omron Electronic Components LLC presents Non-amplified Photomicrosensors.

The Photomicrosensor is a compact optical sensor that senses objects or object positions with an optical beam. The transmissive Photomicrosensor and reflective Photomicrosensor are typical Photomicrosensors.

The transmissivePhotomicrosensor incorporates an emitter and a transmissive that face each other. When an object is located in the sensing position between the emitter and the detector, the object intercepts the optical beam of the emitter, thus reducing the amount of optical energy reaching the detector.

The reflective Photomicrosensor incorporates an emitter and a detector. When an object is located in the sensing area of the reflective Photomicrosensor, the object reflects the optical beam of the emitter, thus changing the amount of optical energy reaching the detector.

"Photomicrosensor" is an OMRON product name. Generally, the Photomicrosensor is called a photointerrupter.

Sensing methods include transmissive, reflective, and actuator modelsWide variety of slot configurations available from 2 mm(.079 in.) to 8 mm (.315 in.).

High resolution sensing with 0.5 mm (.02 in.) aperture.

Variety of packages including thru hole, surface mount and lead wire types.

Output models include transistor only, photo darlington, and Schmitt trigger.

Infrared LED and phototransistor assures long life and high reliability.

Non-contact sensing, ideal for office automation, money handling, gaming, and computer peripherals.

About Omron:

In its trail Omron has left a string of developments that have revolutionized our lives, including several incredible world's firsts: non-contact proximity switch, automatic traffic signal, ticket vending machine and fully automated train station system, and automatic cancer cell diagnostic equipment. Omron makes significant contributions in a wide variety of fields such as industrial automation, home appliances & office equipment, automobiles, social & financial systems, and healthcare.