Tiny Omron Piezo Resistive MEMS Pressure Sensor

Product Announcement from Omron Electronic Components – Americas

Tiny Omron Piezo Resistive MEMS Pressure Sensor-Image

Omron is quite pleased to announce the release of a new MEMS Pressure Sensor, from the Omron Micro Device Division. Part number 2SMPP-02 is a piezoresistive type gauge pressure sensor with a rated pressure range of 0-37 kPa (0-280 mmHg). The product has also tested very well under negative (vacuum) pressure.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Very small package size: 6.1 × 4.7 × 8.2 mm (L × W × H)
  • Tight calibration - low variation in the zero and offset voltages
  • Low temperature influence
  • Low power consumption of 0.2 mW
  • Mounted on and thru the backside of the PCB, providing additional rigidity and stability to the surface mounted part

Target Applications

Medical: Positive and negative pressure applications. Economical enough for disposable applications.

Appliance/Laboratory Equipment Level Indication: Product may be used to measure liquid levels in a container by inserting a tube into the vessel and connecting it to a sensor located above the maximum water height. As the water rises and falls, so will the air pressure in the tube.

Others: Leak Detection / Pressure Controller / Air Movement Control

The 2SMPP-02 is currently in production. The sensor has a List Price of $3.50 and is available through authorized distributors. Complete technical details are available by contacting Omron Electronic Components at 847-882-2288, or downloading the 2SMPP datasheet from the Omron website.