Sensor Systems

Featured Product from OnScale Inc.

OnScale is used in a wide variety of industrial sensing applications from process monitoring to thickness gauges. Its ability to rapidly simulate acoustically large structures, and include electromechanically coupling make it well suited to analysing sensors which are closely coupled to their surrounding environment.

Process Monitoring

Ultrasound can be used to both monitor and accelerate chemical reactions by passing sound through the reagents inside a test cell. OnScale has helped researchers fine tune these processes, by predicting acoustic beam patterns, received signals and sensor performance.

Electromechanical Solver

OnScale is well-known for its electromechanical solver which allows it to rapidly carry out time domain analysis on piezoelectric materials. With full support for external circuits, OnScale can predict how electrical loading affects transducer performance.

Multi-Element Arrays

Simulate complete linear and 2D matrix probes. Analyse electrical and mechanical crosstalk, directivity, electrical impedance, beamforming and more. Advanced solvers enable large transducer models to be solved in hours rather than days.

CAD Import

OnScale's ability to mesh structures in exceptional detail makes the simulation of complex structures both easy and accurate. STEP and IGES formats can be imported directly, with other formats available through optional pre-processors.


From 1-3 to 2-2 configurations OnScale has been the benchmark in piezocomposite simulation since its inception. OnScale has all of the tools required for you to optimize your microstructure, select the correct materials and meet even the toughest customer specifications.

Broadband Analysis

Time domain simulations are well suited to broadband analysis of sensors and transducers. By running a single time domain model full performance information across a wide spectrum can be generated. OnScale's efficient explicit solvers allow this to be carried out efficiently, quickly getting designs the answers they need.