Drive Solutions...custom engineered

Product Announcement from Ondrives.Us Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical

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OnDrives.US  - has engineered solutions using stock or customized gearboxes to solve multiple gearbox applications or replacements for old gearboxes or solutions to fit odd or existing spaces. Get rapid response engineering assistance with detailed analysis of your project. CAD drawings developed quickly to allow accurate decisions. Torques to 600 inch-lbs at 2000 rpm with ratios 1:1 to 120:1 (Higher torque at lower rpm's) Torques to 1800 inch-lbs at 2000 rpm with ratios 6:1 to 24:1(Higher torque at lower rpm's) Gearboxes, misalignment couplings and other components rated for 24/7 operation. Gearboxes, couplings, gears, sprockets and pulleys mounted, aligned ready to install in your system.

Applications include: food machinery, semiconductor processing, packaging machinery, medical diagnostic equipment, and all sorts of usual and unusual applications.