Flange Worm Wheel Gearbox

Product Announcement from Ondrives.Us Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical

Flange Worm Wheel Gearbox-Image

Choose ondrives because you get:

  • Backlash: 4, 8 or 30 arc-min
  • Unique Flat Design - P Series
  • Rugged gearboxes made to last
  • Solid Aluminum Housing
  • Ball Bearings + 1-piece worm and shaft
  • 316 Stainless Steel or Hard anodized aluminum for marine use
  • Easy to customize or complete custom gearboxes
  • Flange version (PF) can be adapted to virtually any motor
  • NEMA 23 flanges optional on PF30 and PF40, plus other sizes
  • Cold temperature gearboxes to -50 C for antenna tracking
  • Can be supplied without grease
  • Gears, sprockets and timing pulleys supplied mounted to the gearbox
  • 24 years of gearboxes in many industries and uses

America's best warranty is now even better: 3 Year warranty! - Use ondrives with confidence.