Slim Worm Gearbox....fits in tight spaces

Product Announcement from Ondrives.Us Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical

Slim Worm Gearbox....fits in tight spaces-Image

OnDrives.US Slim P Series Worm/Wheel Gearbox

The OnDrives. P Series Worm/Wheel Gearbox is uniquely built with a slim profile to fit into tight spaces. From 0.87" wide for 17 inch-lbs torque to 2.36" wide for 520 inch-lbs of torque at 2000 rpm it fits where other gearboxes cannot. Ratios from 5:1 to 120:1 are standard. Customizing is easily done.

It has a single piece stainless worm and input shaft , a machined aluminum block housing, dual ball bearings for shaft support, output bore with optional stainless output shaft. It is designed for 24 hour per day operation.

Applications include: food machinery, semiconductor processing, packaging machinery, medical diagnostic equipment, and all sorts of usual and unusual applications.