Managed File Transfer Security Software: OpenText

Product Announcement from OpenText

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OpenText Managed File Transfer enables users to reduce large file delivery from hours to minutes to increase productivity, improve business agility, and ensure compliance for lowered corporate risk.

A file is just a file, right? Not so. Your files are the result of your business transactions, which need to be managed in accordance to your policies and processes. Whether your goals are superior customer service, reduction of operating costs, efficiency improvements, or adherence to compliance law, your high performing business requires a high performance solution, delivering the value you need to get the job done.

Accelerate Your Business
Speed up your business with OpenText Managed File Transfer. Enjoy the benefit of sending and receiving files up to 30 times faster than traditional methods, such as FTP, HTTP or Windows network share.

Easy to Use
Email is the easiest way to exchange files with people inside and outside of a company, so lets leverage that experience. OpenText Managed File Transfer integrates right into Microsoft Outlook, so everyone can easily send large files

Conform to Regulations
OpenText Managed File Transfer tells you everything you need to know about file movement in your organization - who send what files to whom at what time all of that with just a click of a button.

Manage Your Transfer Anywhere
A web dashboard lets you send and receive files when Outlook is out of reach. The Activity Dashboard also lets you monitor and manage all your file transfer activities from anywhere.