Centrifuge monitor

Product Announcement from optek-Danulat, Inc.

Centrifuge monitor-Image

Optek centrifuge monitors are successfully controlling more than two thousand separators installed in a spectrum of processes providing many plants around the world with optimized separations and impressive returns.

Optek inline centrifuge monitors can maximize centrifuge performance by initiating bowl-shoots at exact process conditions versus basing them on time. This provides great benefits such as centrate uniformity, product quality assurance, downstream processing protection along with reducing product losses.

Monitoring Centrifuge Separation Benefits

* Reduced Product Losses

* Increased Separation Performance

* Optimized Product Quality

* Maximize Throughput / Increased Yields

* Reduced Rework

* Avoid Downstream Filtration Blinding

For more information view our Centrifugal (Centrifuge) Separation application note.