Oil in Water Monitor

Product Announcement from optek-Danulat, Inc.

Oil in Water Monitor-Image

Important industrial applications can benefit greatly from using optek oil in water monitors to detect free oil and suspended solids. Real time monitoring and control with optek oil in water monitors can help you avoid machine failures and damage caused by leakage. optek sensors can also assist in reducing outage time and avoid any fall-off in energy production.

optek oil in water detectors are suitable for direct installation in high pressure, high temperature, and hazardous area locations. Low installation cost, plus low maintenance costs makes optek the right choice for safe and profitable applications.

Benefits of using an optek oil in water monitor:

  • Immediate Detection of Oil, Signaling a Seal Leakage or Failure
  • Protection From Accidental Environmental Emissions
  • Reduced Manual Sampling and Lab Analysis
  • Equipment Protection – Avoid Leakage Damage
  • Lower Maintenance Costs

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