Turbidity: Dual-Channel, Scattered Light Sensor

Product Announcement from optek-Danulat, Inc.

Turbidity: Dual-Channel, Scattered Light Sensor-Image

The optek TF16N is a dual beam NIR absorption sensor designed to provide control solutions for a variety of industrial processes. The TF16N measures solids, turbidity, concentration, consistency and optical density, all with great accuracy and repeatability. The extremely high dynamic range of the TF16N makes it ideal for demanding Biotechnology applications such as centrifugal separation.

Optek's unique dual-beam design compensates for optical coatings and other disturbances like background color or color changes which would normally affect scattered-light measurements. This provides the ability to measure sub-micron sized particles below 0.5150 PPM (0.2 NTU) in-line, in real time with extreme accuracy and repeatability. The TF16 is also available with NIST-traceable validation accessories for absolute measurement confidence.

Each inline sensor body is constructed of solid block 316L stainless steel and the wetted surfaces are electro polished to a <40-micron surface finish. The optical window is made from a single crystal sapphire. This provides superior resistance to all abrasive and corrosive media. The hybrid NIR tungsten lamp features a long, 3 to 5 year lamp life. The TF16 is ideal for CIP / SIP and Ultra-sanitary applications. Options for Hazardous area classification are also available.

TF16N Features:

  • Inline Real Time Process Turbidity Meter
  • Dual channel color compensation
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • CIP/SIP-compatible
  • Broad variety of line sizes, process connections and wetted materials
  • Designed for high-temperatures and pressures